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We provide each student tailor-made, professional internships in the city of Cape Town.
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InternAfrika offers a wide range of incredible opportunities from a variety of sectors. Check our “Internship offers” section to know more about our internships, or please contact us.

Interview with the selected companies

Beforehand your interview with the company of your selected internship, you will have an interview with our HR experts to prepare you.

Prepare your international experience

To conduct an internship in South Africa, you will need a visa, a process which can sometimes be lengthy and tricky. Fortunately, InternAfrika facilitates your application process.

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Steenbras River Gorge

Steenbras River Gorge

About Steenbras River Gorge The Steenbras River Gorge forms part of the Steenbras Nature Reserve which is also part of the greater Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. The reserve is well known for its...

Piscines de marée au Cap

Piscines de marée au Cap

Le Cap abrite plus de 20 bassins de marée uniques, répartis le long de la côte de l’océan Atlantique (à l’ouest) et de False Bay (à l’est). Quelques informations que vous voudrez peut-être connaître...

Tidal Pools in Cape Town

Tidal Pools in Cape Town

If you can believe it, Cape Town is home to more than 20 unique tidal pools dotted along the Atlantic Ocean (West) and False Bay (East) coastline. A bit of information that you might want to know...

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The two South African business leaders explain first of all their activities and then what they expect from the future interns.

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Testimonials from students sharing their experiences in Cape Town in different companies and different fields, where they were able to evolve and participate fully in the activities.

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