Botswana is an exclusive and unparalleled destination, where vast desert expanses meet lushly vegetated regions irrigated by the famous Okavango Delta. A safari in Botswana is the most beautiful show you can see in parks throughout southern Africa. There are more elephants in Botswana than in any other country, and in the Chobe Park area, there are even more elephants than people!

It is hard not to fall under the spell of Botswana, which brings together superb landscapes of incredible diversity, dense and varied fauna, some of the most beautiful lodges on the African continent and an extraordinary, kind, cultivated, responsible and endearing people…

Okavango Delta 

In the northwestern part of the country, the Okavango Delta, whose waters are lost in the Kalahari Desert, is made up of a vast network of lagoons and swampy areas interspersed with islets. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this preserved ecosystem experiences great migrations of animals such as elephants during the flood season and contributes to the preservation of threatened species such as cheetahs, white and black rhinos, wild dogs and lion. 

This region offers you the opportunity to enjoy another form of safari, along the water in mokoro, a typical small boat.