More than a simple journey, a tour in Namibia is an extraordinary journey through time, a return to the roots of life. Eternal, immense, grandiose, bewitching, a true kaleidoscope of colors, no superlative can ever describe Namibia. In these timeless landscapes, there is a rich diversity of fauna and flora. 

Predators, antelopes, pachyderms… meet in Etosha National Park, but also in more wild areas, such as the Hartmann Valley, Purros or Palmwag. 

This feeling of freedom and the first morning of the world gives Namibia its special appeal. Visiting this country is like feeling a moment of freedom and an unforgettable change of scenery.

Most of the trip through Namibia are made with your own 4×4 (easy to rent in Windhoek), it gives you the opportunity to sleep and stay by night in wonderful places in middle of natures. 

Namib desert

Unlike the Kalahari, the Namib gives an impression of total aridity as vegetation is rare or even absent. Its original name, Nama, which also inspired the name of the whole country, also means “vast arid plain”. 

But the Namib Naukluft Park, which covers nearly 23,000 km2, is not just a vast sea of dunes, it offers a wide variety of landscapes: very rugged rocky plateaus, deep canyons and of course huge sandy beaches beaten by the ocean. The deadvlei is the end of the journey in this desert : a few dead trees dot a basin of white clay (old dry lake) surrounded by red dunes…