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InternAfrika gives you the opportunity to find the internship that matches your profile and fits your expectations. We provide you with different internships of quality in various sectors.


Marketing is at the core of every business wanting to be known and aiming to develop & prosper. Our partners are offering you a wide range of interesting and diverse marketing missions in South Africa. Startups as big firms are looking forward to get new international students involved in their marketing decisions.

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Film & Photography

Due to its unique, diverse and scenic landscapes, South Africa has become the new niche market for advertising and film making, generating more than 3 billions euros of income per annum. The Film and Photography industry has understood the need to be present in this outstanding location and is now looking for young and fresh talents to help it to cope with the incredibly rapidly growing and fast changing international demand.

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Do you want to gain financial skills while benefiting from an amazing international experience in South Africa ? Fintech is a incredibly fast growing sector in South Africa. Our partners in the Financial sector are able to provide you empowering experiences that will add value to your curriculum.

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Even though South Africa is well developed, it remains a nation which bears the marks of a strong social divide. It is thus no surprise if working for a social organisation or joining as a volunteer for an NGO can turn into a very enriching experience, giving the opportunity to assist people from an underprivileged background. Several of our partners are involved with charity organisations, NGO’s and associations all over South Africa.

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Business development

Students in business usually wish to develop their skills in related fields such as marketing, finance, public relations and communication. Contributing to develop a business will give you the opportunity to get involved in various initiatives while at the same time to work in an ecosystem of young entrepreneurs. 

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Whales, lions, rhinos, sharks, elephants, unique flora… South Africa is the country that has the third most rich biodiversity in the world. With an outstanding variety of plants’ species, submarine and terrestrial animals, the country needs to be protected and makes. The various National Parks are hosting and protecting a great number of endangered species, South Africa is hence constantly searching for new ideas and needs new interns to assist them.

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Finance internships

The Financial sector in South Africa is truly developed and gathers more than 30 Banks with 4000 branches, with many foreign branches which are established in the country. The banking sector is highly concentrated with 5 major players (The “Big 5” : Standard Bank, FNB, ABSA, Nedbank and Capitec) accounting for more than 80% of the total banking asset.

Investment and merchant banking remain the most competitive parts of the industry which is thus a flourishing part of the country economy, providing InternAfrika with plenty of internships.

Our partners

InternAfrika is working hand-in-hand with many different companies related to the financial sector and searching for interns. You are looking for an analyst position in an investment bank ? You want to develop your skills in managementcontrol or cost management ? Or maybe analyze the credit worthiness for a micro-finance campaign ? We will do our best to offer you the perfect professional experience matching with your skills and your profile.

Control & Cost Management

  • Assist your manager by setting up detailed reports, estimate and compare inside performance, forecast the potential results of the current financial situation.
  • An internship in control and cost management will allow you to sharpen your organisational skills and will teach you the rigour of this specific and fascinating job.


  • Working as a financial analyst will be your first step into the world of finance. Missions  collectconsolidate and analyze financial data, and try to understand the macro and micro environment of your different clients.
  • As an financial analyst intern, you will be a source of proposal, organised, and will gather good interpersonal skills.

Our selection of internships in large corporations and SME’s will let you start your international career. The financial sector is a passionate environment to work in, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our quality and high graded financial analyst internships.

Marketing internships

Marketing and communication gather a large panel of jobs and internships opportunities.

Do you have what it takes to find your next internship in marketing ? If you think that you can easily communicate your ideas, organise and sort out complex data, then you are a creative person and you have the ability to gather the whole team around your project.

Is your profile matching the description above? If so, please check our different marketing internship offers.

Our partners 

Marketing allows you to work from various perspectives on different thematics. Here are some of the major marketing topics that will help you to build yourself a wide range of useful skills.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is omnipresent and has become vital for most of major player today. It combines different fields and requires a large panel of skills, starting from search engine optimisation campaign on the website to increase leads and target new consumerdesign on illustrator and photoshop for media campaign, to community management by organizing and updating the branding of the online company.

PR & Communication

Assit your manager in leveraging existing media relation and develop new contact within the business industry. Manage media inquiries and interview requests, next morning create the content for the next press release, byline article and keynotes presentation. Internships in PR and communication service are inspiring and dynamic internships, and our consultant will gladly help you finding the perfect one.

Marketing Strategy

Be part of the strategic decision of the company, assist your manager by developing specific plan to target new customers and increase leads and turnover. Many missions are grouped in the marketing strategy of a company. Per example, you will have to deliver a brand analysis, and build a strong marketing mix and positioning to increase your company’s sales.

Business development internships

Companies looking to expand are mostly searching for business developers with minimum a bachelor degree, which isn’t always necessary as the intern will also be learning-by-doing. She/he will need solid skills in English, in communication & marketing and a knowledge of new technologies. As a business developer, the intern will need to be up to date concerning market and tech latest news.

You are enterprising, self confident with solid communication skills, and always looking for responsibilities and new challenges ? Please do not hesitate to contact our consultant who will advise you in the quest of your dream internship.

Our partners

The business developer is involved in the sales department. Her/his roles are to identify new opportunities, and to create, build and maintain long-term relationships with different business partners. A business developper is a key-asset and needs to work closely with various departments within the company, she/he is the link between those different departments and will be a problem solver and a source of proposal.

Business management position are in high demand in every activity sector of Cape Town, and relate to various partners as it can be Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), or even related to Non Profitable Organisations.

Sales assistant

The sales assistant is the face and the voice of the company. She/he needs to be service oriented and always have a customer’s vision of the product that she/he sells. You assist customers and make sure that they will keep on purchasing your company’s services or goods.
Sales management position is an entry-level job and will be the first step in your commercial career.

Strategy missions

The strategic initiatives assistant has to take important decisions and need to be thoughtful. Choosing whether partnering with local companies or going solo can be a tough choice, a choice which is up to you !
Work hand-in-hand with legal and financial services to evaluate the various options from juridical and investment point of views.

Social internships

South Africa is a unique country, but unfortunately inequality persist on a daily basis. Did you know that Khayelitsha in Cape Town was the second biggest township of South Africa, and that half of the unemployed population of Cape Town is living in that area ? Thought, everyday life difficulties are turning the township into a creative and stimulating place, where entrepreneurship and social projects are trying to enhance life standards and help local population.

Our social partners

Have you already wondered how you skills could be useful to work for a bigger purpose ? Our Non Profit Organisation partners are looking for creative, dynamic, and inspiring people that could bring their expertise to enhance lives of people in need. You will assit a senior to lead various projects and participate to everyday tasks. From preparing food packages for children, taking a taxi in the rush and having lunch with a potential investor, to ending the day at the office elaborating the next communication campaign, you will see that the word ”routine ” isn’t pretty much used in that kind of job. That’s what’s definitely exciting and challenging !

Our volunteering program

Our volunteering program requires a minimum of 4 weeks stay and does not require technical skills. As a volunteer, you are a special member of the organisation and will live within the same area as other volunteers. Thanks to our various programs, there are many ways of improving life standards in Cape Town. You can either be part of a children education program, be involved in program defending women’s rights, or even work in a wildlife rehabilitation center. We work closely with our partners and only select worthyvolunteer programs.

You want to be part of an NPO and give your energy to people that need it ? Please do not hesitate to contact our consultant to get more information.

Film & photography internships

The Photography & Video industry is a promising and well-established market in Cape Town. The industry is currently generating 5 billion Rands and employs more than 6000 people. 

Do you have an artistic flair and do you think you can shoot ? Let your lens speak for yourself and come here to live a unique experience in the Mother City. Scenic landscapes, amazing colours, breathtaking views, and incredible wildlife are just a few examples of what a talented photograph can capture while living in South Africa.

Movie assistant Director


As a movie assistant you will liaise with the whole team in order to help the director to supervise and organise the set. Versatility and motivation are required to work on movie sets, as well as a rich personality and organizational skill. Do not be scared to submit your thoughts about film settings : you are here to help the crew getting the most out of the film shoot.

Working in this type of industry is a wonderful way of discovering the city, and it requires people that are fully passionate about what they do.

Photography & Video Assistant

Our studio is waiting for you ! Landscapes, street views, hundred of filming and photography spots are everywhere in Cape Town. The particularity of the Mother City lays in its location along the ocean, which makes sunset lights even more beautiful and suitable to near perfect photography results and amazing advertising campaign.


This particular and vibrating industry is waiting for talented and passionate people like you. Please check our internships offers below, and do not hesitate to contact our consultant. 

Working in this type of industry is a wonderful way of discovering the city, and it requires people that are fully passionate about what they do.

If you are interested in working for the Photography & Film Industry of Cape Town, do not hesitate to take a look at our different internship offers. If you have any questions, please contact our consultant.

Conservation internships

For every nature lover, South Africa is a must to visit thanks to its beautiful landscapes, its variedgeology, and a diverse terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna.

The “Big Five” (the buffalos, the rhinos, the lions, the leopards, and the elephants) are the main symbol of South Africa’s many wonders, but are also in need of protection, such as many other species and natural sites.

Our partners

National Parks, Reserves, or Safari lodges are constantly searching for young and dynamic students passionate about wildlife and ecosystem health to help them running either a protection program or a business with respect for nature.

Whether you are a fan of the flora or the fauna, you could be part of different programs protecting the South Africa’s precious nature.

Lodge assistant

Assist your manager by setting up detailed reports, estimate and compare inside performance, forecast the potential results of the current financial situation.

An internship in control and cost management will allow you to sharpen your organisational skills and will teach you the rigour of this specific and fascinating job.

Protection assistant for Wildlife 

If you have always wanted to protect endangered species and play a key role in the wildlife conservation, do not wait any longer ! Our internship program will allow you to help different key actors within the Western Cape Wildlife Protection by assisting them in different ways. Do you want to know more about it ? Please contact our consultant who will quickly answer to your questions.

You can’t find your dream internship up here ?

No worries, we have all sorts of tailor-made offers available. Please, contact us with your resume and tell us what are you looking for ! According to your profile, we will make sure that our HR team finds you the perfect internship.