Anaëlle in Cape Town

What’s your best memory in Cape Town?

“It’s hard to pick one out of everything I’ve experienced in Cape Town, but the one that comes to mind is my first Chapman’s Peak. I think it’s the most magical place in Cape Town to watch a sunset with friends. First of all, the road to it is splendid, and we found a spot in a small cellar where we can sit and stay there for an aperitif.”

After your experience, have you had a change in your vision of South Africa?

“I was more or less expecting it, I was more pleasantly surprised than the opposite.”

Do you recommend Cape Town?

“Without any hesitation, I spent the best months of my life there, surrounded by great people from all over the world, which allowed me to evolve in an international atmosphere. So if you’re looking for a place where the scenery is breathtaking, a friendly atmosphere, I think Cape Town is the place for you!”


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May 4, 2020