Beaches in Cape Town

It’s a fact : Cape Town is known for its Mediterranean climate and its many idyllic beaches. There are more than ten of them, the result of a meeting between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes hard to find your way around, we have selected for you some beaches where to swim.

Among them :

Clifton 4th Beach

Clifton 4th Beach is part of Clifton which includes three other beaches, easily crossed when the tide allows it. Protected by the southeast winds, it is one of Clifton’s favorite beaches, especially among families and friends. In the summer, it is very common to see yachts off the coast enjoying the bright Cape Town sunshine.

Camps Bay Beach

This is undoubtedly the most famous beach in Cape Town. Located in Camps Bay, this beach has it all. Filled with restaurants and bars, this beach will allow you to transition between sunbathing, beach volleyball and cocktails by the water. In addition, the view of the 12 mountains called “The 12 Apostles” is breathtaking. In short, an all-in-one place.

Diaz Beach

If you want quieter, more reserved and untouched places, you can opt for paid beaches, but some of them are quite far from the center as is the case of Diaz Beach. Even if swimming is not recommended because of its strong currents, the cliffs are imposing, the sand is white and the water is turquoise blue. You will feel completely different and alone in the world on a wild beach with a tropical character.

Blouberg Beach

Get out your cameras, Blouberg Beach is likely to impress you. And for good reason ? The massive dominant that dominates facing the sea, better known as Table Mountain. However, very exposed to the wind, this place is more frequented by kite-boarders.

Hout Bay Beach

A very famous area of Cape Town, Hout Bay is a “village” with a large number of fishermen. This beach is perfect for walks and to enjoy its environment. Less expensive than Camps Bay, you will find your happiness in the surrounding bars.

As you can see, the beaches where to swim are particularly diversified depending on what you want to see and do. But what about you? Where will you choose to go?


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January 28, 2022