Cape Of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is a must-see spot in South Africa, at the tip of Cape Town. 

In order to make the most of our day, we decided to rent a car early in the morning. 

The beginning of the journey was covered by clouds for the misfortune of our eyes that asked only one thing, to enjoy the view of the road along the coast. However, luck smiled upon us as we arrived at the entrance to the park, the sky cleared and the natural beauty was revealed. The moment we entered the park, we had the chance to ride next to baboons totally at liberty (beware of the food you may have in the car).

Once the pictures were taken, we drove to “Cape Point”, where you can find the lighthouse overlooking the rocky peak. The view is literally breathtaking, the vastness of the ocean, the view of the mountains as well as the beaches with the white sand, stuck us on the spot.

Once our eyes rinsed by this landscape, we went back down to the beach “Platboom” where the water is turquoise and the sand white as on the postcards. The wind was present, which allowed us to admire a kitesurfer and two sailboards in the water. Moreover, the place being wild, a group of 4 ostriches was there as well as a good number of baboons who enjoyed our sandwiches stupidly taken out of the car.

Finally, we decided to join “The Cape of Good Hope” where as good tourists we took the picture behind the sign. 


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February 25, 2020