Caves of Cape Town

Today I’m going to tell you about the many caves that are hidden in Cape Town. If you are the daring type and you like adventure, these caves are made for you! Sometimes hidden, they can be found in the mountains as well as in the sea: something to satisfy your eyes!

Klipgat Cave, Gansbaai

Klipgat Cave is a particularly rich cave historically since human bones and tools made more than 70 000 years ago have been found there. It is perfectly located at the edge of the sea where you can see the waves falling in front of you. It is also a perfect place to see whales, which often swim along this coast.

Woodstock Cave

Woodstock Cave is one of the largest caves on Table Mountain. Accessible after a hike of about 1 hour, it gives an impressive view of the big city of Cape Town as well as the ocean. In winter, it happens that a waterfall falls over this cave.

Elephant’s Eyes

There is also another cave at Table Mountain called Elephant’s Eyes. Its name is due to the fact that its mountain looks like an elephant’s head, and that the cave is perfectly located where the eye should be. It gives you an overview of the green forest and the vineyards of Tokai and Constantia: a real moment of fulfillment.

Peers Cave, Fish Hoek

Take an easy hike over the dunes of Fish Hoek to enjoy the wind-protected Peers Cave. Also very enriched historically after the discovery of a skull dating back more than 10,000 years, the scenery is spectacular, with a great view of Noordhoek and the sea.

So if you like hiking, this is one of the best ways to awaken the explorer in you. These caves are unique, all different and very numerous.

Don’t hesitate to send us a message to get more information about the locations, and especially prefer group outings for safety reasons. So now put on your sport shoes and go on an adventure!


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February 5, 2022