Another incredible place in South Africa is the Cederberg Nature Reserve which is about 3 hours (by car) from Cape Town. 

During this wonderful weekend, we were 17 people including French, American, German and Dutch people. In order to get there we had to rent 2 cars and a van. The road to get there remains practicable of course, but it is advisable to drive at low speed to avoid the risks of punctures, because of the stones on this dirt road.

After the joyful and cheerful car trip, we arrived in the evening of Friday at the campsite where we had rented tents (with mattresses for a little more comfort). We still couldn’t realize how beautiful it was around us because of the night, but it was soon forgiven when we looked up at the clear, starry sky as we had rarely seen in our lives. After few beers and stars in our eyes, we decided to go to bed in order to be in shape for the hike that awaited us the next morning.

With the light coming on in the early morning, we really realized how lucky we were to be in a place like this. The change of landscape between the campsite and its surroundings is striking, we went from a green place to a semi-desert landscape.

After about ten minutes by car we reached the start of the hike. The heat was stifling, so we followed the advice by taking enough water and food (not forgetting sunscreen and all kinds of sun protection). After 5 hours of walking, 30 minutes looking for the right path, the mission was accomplished! Difficult for some, but the satisfaction of the accomplishment of this hike could be seen on the face of each of us.

In order to cool the legs that we had worn out, we went to “Disa Pool” where we enjoyed cliff jumping and natural pools. 

After this long day, the call of the food at the campsite could be heard in our stomachs. So we had the joy and the treat of devouring pork ribs.

Sunday morning after having packed all the stuff in the car we drove to “Stadsaal Rock Art” where because of the wind caves were formed millions of years ago and where prehistoric men left us paintings. 

Finally, after a memorable weekend we had to take the return trip to Cape Town. We were all already nostalgic for the wonderful landscapes we had seen! 

If you have the opportunity to go there, don’t wait any longer!


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March 13, 2020