Cyprien – Intern in the wine field

Cyprien, 19, in his second year of the Audencia bachelor, is doing his internship in a wine company in Cape Town. He was lucky enough to attend a wine conference at Groot Constancia, the oldest winery in South Africa, which has been a national heritage site since 1969. He tells us about his experience in Cape Town:

1. What does your internship consist of? In which area? What are your tasks? How do you feel about it?

I am in a wine company which offers South African wine tastings in a mobile and customizable way, we bring wine, a sommelier and food according to the demand.

Within the company, I am business developer and marketing manager. The company is on a human scale, which means that my field of expertise is not limited to that, but it is a whole aspect of project management that has come to light and which is fascinating! The company is growing day by day, which makes the experience all the more rewarding. Being an intern and providing real added value to a company is extremely rewarding.

  1. Why South Africa? Is it related to your professional project?

South Africa has always been a destination I’ve been looking forward to because it’s a perfect country to improve your English and to get away from the European/Western comfort that might not have been enough for me.

I didn’t come with the idea of settling here later, I’m leaving with the same conclusion but with the certainty of coming back to see again the people I met here, to find the magnificent landscapes and the culture resulting from a well rooted melting pot.

  1. You attended a wine conference. What did you think of this event?

First of all, I was fascinated to see Groot Constantia for the first time since my arrival, to meet such an unknown monument of French history is always interesting!

As for the content, the conference started with some more general statistics of the wine industry in ADS, I knew some of them but I discovered the real influence of the South African wine expansion. Then there was a debate between several important personalities in the industry, even if I don’t remember all the topics discussed as there were many, they were all interesting and discussed from different points of view (coming back from the covid crisis, economic health of the industry, improving ethnic mix among producers, sharing experiences in what is trendy etc.).

Finally, meeting and discussing with the public, both industry and non-industry related, was a real pleasure, both personally and professionally. Networking is good for you!


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October 29, 2021