Estelle shares her experience

“Hello, my name is Estelle and I’m 19 years old. Currently in my second year of business school at BBA Inseec, I went to Cape Town for 3 months to do an internship in marketing as part of my training (very internationally oriented).”

Why did you choose South Africa?

“At first, I wanted to discover a new culture and a destination that I didn’t know at all, I wanted to go far away and get a change of scenery in some way.

I also wanted to do my internship in an English-speaking country where the climate and life are pleasant.

But my desire to go to Cape Town was confirmed after some discussions with some older students who had done their internship there: they described a life that was exactly what I was looking for and they really told me that they had loved their time there.”

As far as the security there, did you feel the danger? Can you also give advice on how to limit the risks?

“I never felt threatened or insecure, but when I was there a friend of mine had his phone stolen. However, this is really the only event of this kind that I have ever encountered.

To limit the risks, you have to be careful and use common sense: don’t walk alone late at night, don’t exhibit valuables, don’t provoke… However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out or wear jewellery for example. You have to find a happy medium.”

What’s your fondest memory?

“I have a lot of good memories, but this one is still the best.

With my group of friends we went to spend a weekend in the nature reserve of Cederberg. We booked tents in a campsite in the middle of the Desert for not much money, we did a long hike, we went swimming in a river, we watched the stars for hours… It was really incredible.

It’s about 3 hours drive from Cape Town, but it’s worth it. I really recommend it.”

If you had to define your experience in three words:

“Enriching, Intense and Unforgettable!”

Could you recommend Cape Town?

“A 100%. I’ve been back for 2 months and I still talk about it. The people are nice and welcoming, the city has a lot of charm and there are a lot of things to discover, to do in between walks, to visit Robben Island, to surf, or to sunbathe on the beach… And if you have ever been around Cape Town, there is Cederberg, Hermanus and the Cape of Needles or if you have a little more time, the Garden route.

I’d love to go back.”


Posted on

May 19, 2020