Juliette’s adaptation to Covid-19

“I’m an intern in a start-up company with a social theme. I’m a business developer. My start-up aims, through the launch of a mobile application, to reduce the transaction costs of informal sellers (by connecting them with wholesalers). So as a business developer, I try to bring these informal sellers to know about our project and download the application. I am also in contact with the main wholesalers in the Cape Town region (Giant, Makro…) and I try to get access to their software to get their exact prices.

Following the coronavirus and the announcement of the containment, I found myself in teleworking.”

How did you react to that? What did you do to continue to perform well in your internship assignments?

“I reacted well because I wanted to continue working. I am still disappointed since my missions included a lot of fieldwork (spazashops visits). I am therefore led to carry out missions that are more related to information research. To be efficient, I gave myself more quantified objectives to meet deadlines. However, I find it very complicated to motivate myself to work in a confined “environment”, different from a real working environment.”

Do you think adapting to a situation like this can be a rewarding experience?

“Personally rewarding, yes, because you learn to organize yourself and stay dynamic. However, the lack of interaction compromises initiative in the professional environment, which makes the work experience a little less interesting.”


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April 6, 2020