Lion’s Head

Yesterday, after a good day’s work, we found ourselves at the bottom of Lion’s Head for the hike, but above all to meet and create cohesion with the newcomers from InternAfrika.

Lion’s Head, a rocky peak of 669 meters is a must for a visit of Cape Town. It is a feasible hike for young and old where the average time to reach the summit is about an hour.

Having great sportsmen, we devoured the climb in 45 minutes in joy and good mood. Although we could see sweat on some foreheads and shortness of breath on others, but the breath was taken away by the breathtaking 360° view of Cape Town.

Once the photos were taken for everyone’s Instagram, we all gathered to share a small glass of rosé while admiring the sunset over this ocean of clouds. As the night was fast approaching, we decided to go back down Lion’s Head quietly, always in the spirit of sharing.


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February 11, 2020