Marguerite in South Africa

“I wanted to take advantage of my gap year to go far away and discover a new country. I had had very positive feedback from South Africa, so when I saw the offer, I applied quite naturally. And as soon as I was accepted for my internship it was obvious that Cape Town was my next experience!”

What did you think of the South African population?

“My roommates were mostly South African, really nice and welcoming, it almost threw me off at first! Even more generally all the South Africans I met were nice.”

What’s your fondest memory?

“Way too many good memories! I’d say the sunset at Camps Bay and the festivals we got to do. A unique atmosphere!”

During your experience, did you feel insecure?

“Yes, it’s part of the Cape Town quid pro quo. I really liked my neighbourhood (Observatory) but I felt I had to tidy up all my stuff, show nothing. Just the idea of taking a Uber as soon as it gets dark for a 10-minute walk reminds you of your insecurity. Constant vigilance!”

Do you have any advice ?

“Find a good roommate first, and once that’s done you’re in the machine and everything rolls along, it’s magical! The fact that I was only able to stay for two months out of the six months, I’m glad I said yes to everything and made the most of my time there.”

Could you recommend Cape Town?

“Absolutely, it’s a place to do, to see, to visit but above all to live. I would really recommend staying for a long time (at least 2 months) to really enjoy Cape Town!”


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May 26, 2020