Mathieu’s experience

My name is Mathieu, I am a student at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux. Currently in my gap year, I have to do two internships abroad.

Having the desire to get out of the European comfort, while continuing to improve my level of English, I told myself that South Africa could be the ideal destination and more particularly Cape Town which enjoys a diversity of cultures, activities, and amazing landscapes.

I was able to achieve this goal thanks to InternAfrika who gave me the support and confidence to come work there and gain experience directly with them in Cape Town.

I am discovering every day the beauty of this city where it is good to live. Having chosen a large roommate, I immediately felt at ease, I was very well received, which made me feel even more comfortable in the choice I had made. Between hiking, aperitifs, surfing, rugby and so on, I really don’t have time to get bored. That’s also what I was looking for, a place where there’s an overflowing dynamism.  

I recommend to anyone who wishes to come to Cape Town not to hesitate any longer, I guarantee you will come back with full of memories, having made just magical encounters! 


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March 24, 2020