Pauline’s experience

“Hi, I’m Pauline, I’m 22 years old, I’m currently in a gap year before my last year of studies where I’m studying political communication.

I did my internship in a social incubator as a partnership officer. My main mission was to look for new strategic, financial or operational partners.

I chose to come to Cape Town because of the living environment between the mountains and the sea. Also, South Africa is in my opinion a very interesting country that I wanted to understand from the inside.

InternAfrika put me in touch with the company and helped me prepare for my job interview. Alexandre was also very helpful in creating my file for the visa application.

I would definitely come back to Cape Town, either on holiday or for additional work experience.

The only negative point of this experience is the insecurity of the country. It is not possible to live in South Africa the way we live in Europe. However, knowing some safety rules such as not walking in the street at dusk (let alone at night) or not displaying your valuables, you should not have any worries.

I will remember all the amazing South African landscapes, sunsets and most of all the people who made this experience unforgettable.”


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March 2, 2020