Polyvalent Assistant

  1. Company presentation : 

Our partner is a non-profit organisation based in Athlone, Cape Town. They  offer dance classes free of charge in the townships of Nyanga, Khayelitsha and Delft to students ranging from the age of five to young adults. Through providing top-class training in a variety of styles, including Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, African and Spanish dance, they prepare their students to become versatile dancers who have the technical skill, discipline and grounding to enter a career in the performing arts. 

2. Position description : 

As a versatile assistant, you will assist in the overall management of the organization  :

  • Strategic and operational marketing, 
  • Communication (social networks, newsletters …),
  • Project management,
  • Event planning,
  • Assisting in class organization,
  • Administrative management. 

3. Qualifications : 

They are looking for : 

  • Dynamism, versatility and autonomy,
  • Strong sense of initiative,
  • Excellent communication skills,
  • Compassionate, gentle and caring,
  • Ability to multi-task and perform tasks in order of importance and priority.

Posted on

May 5, 2021