Public relation & journalism

Public relation & journalism

Company description:

The company is a digital marketing influencer agency which is a partner of different South African advertising companies and brands. It is also present in Europe such as in France or Spain.

The company’s role is to create influencer marketing strategies that deliver the general strategy of the brand involved thanks to a selection of careful chosen influencers according to their audience and profile.

The company manages the different influencers which is also a way to guarantee that they respect the brief, the brand, and the local regulation while remaining fully authentic and engaging to the brand they represent.

Position description:

Main task:

  • Write articles in his/her mother tongue.
  • Translate article from English to your mother tongue.

Secondary tasks:

Participate to the daily activities of the company (start-up environment, multi-tasking abilities mandatory), which may include marketing strategy brainstorming, workflow reviews, advertising campaign management, etc.


The internship is for 3 to 6 months, in Cape Town. The profile:

– Journalism school or previous experience would be a plus

– Interest in the industry of influencer, marketing and sales.

– Good Knowledge of social media marketing.

– Fluent English and have either English or Spanish as their mother tongue.


Posted on

December 29, 2019