Quentin in Cape Town

Why did you choose South Africa as your destination?

“I wanted to have an experience in a country with a completely different culture from France, a truly exotic country. In addition, two friends had done an internship in Cape Town and they told me a lot about this unforgettable experience.”

Did you feel any insecurity there? What is your advice?

“Once or twice, yes, at night only, never in broad daylight. You have to stay vigilant. My advice is to always stay in a group and move around in the Uber at nightfall. Not hesitating to be firm when someone approaches you for the wrong reasons is also important. So, if you play by the rules, you’ll be fine, I’ve spent my best life there!”

What’s the moment that struck you the most?

“My road trip to Namibia. And if I have to mention something in Cape Town, I would say a day when I went to the Hout Bay market and then Chapman’s Peak, an unforgettable day. »

Could you recommend Cape Town to friends/relatives?

“Of course, I already have! »


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April 21, 2020