Real Estate Internship

  1. Company description :

Our partner is a property asset manager based in Observatory, Cape Town. They’re a vibrant, energetic and talented team who are looking for new individuals to service their clients and keep up their excellent reputation in the industry. Working with them, you are provided with thorough training making you the top. Your contribution is what makes them a success !

2. Position description:

  • Sourcing clients and prospecting for new business and following up on leads and opportunities from existing clients.
  • Liaising with clients to market properties in the most appropriate manner to maximise the selling value.
  • Handling enquiries about properties from potential buyers.
  • Producing reports, brochures, promotional information and other written material.
  • Travelling to properties and conducting viewings.
  • Administering and securing the disposal and acquisition of property and ensuring that it is completed legally.
  • Social Media. 

3. Requirements:

  • Negotiation and selling skills.
  • Ambition, drive and charisma.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to maintain a positive relationship with clients and colleagues.
  • Strong organisation skills, as you may be dealing with more than one property at a time.
  • Willingness to take on responsibility, as estate agents will likely be afforded a great deal of responsibility early on.
  • Willingness to travel and spend time out of the office.
  • Understanding of, and interest in the local property market and the process of buying.
  • Own transport, laptop and Cellphone required!

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May 5, 2021