Suicide Gorge Kloofing Trail

Suicide Gorge. The name is terrifying I grant you, but is totally justified!

Located in the Hottentots Holland nature reserve 90 km from Cape Town, this trail is reserved for experienced hikers looking for thrills. Indeed, Suicide Gorge is an adrenaline-pumping full-day outdoor adventure tour of the scenic Boland Mountains.

This is an ideal hike for the summer, a water wonderland, with spectacular canyon landscapes, rock pools, waterfalls and huge jumps. We therefore embarked on Sunday before sunrise in order to start the trail as soon as possible.

Knowing that the adventure lasts around 9 hours, it’s better to make sure you start early enough so as not to end in the dark. After driving a bit more than an hour we arrived there. Once equipped, backpack packed, sunscreen all over the body and wearing our finest headgear, we began our ascent.

After about 9 km of walking in the mountains the Kloofing begins. Now it’s time to put on our wetsuits. The bravest will try to do without, something I absolutely do not recommend given the temperature of the water. We start with a natural slide then a small jump of 2 meters. A good warm-up to acclimatize to the water temperature. We then continue with higher and higher jumps, until we reach the last one a few hours later. The best for the end as they say since this last jump culminates at about 14 meters in height, with a possibility of going up to 18 meters for the more reckless.

After all these emotions we regained our strength around a picknic in the gorge, sheltered from the sun. Once our stomachs were full and the wetsuits put away, we headed back home. A short walk of 6.5 km to end the day well.
Exhausted, we gave in to the temptation of being hitchhiked by a passing pick-up and returned to the entrance to the nature reserve. This Suicide Gorge Kloofing Trail is therefore definitely to add to your Cape Town to-do list, but be aware that it still requires a certain physical condition.

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May 12, 2021