Surfing, Charles’s passion

Can you name the different spots where you’ve been able to surf?

“Sandy bay: a spot with west-to-north-west swells, very few people in the water, 25 minutes by car from Cape Town, then a 15-minute walk from the car park to the beach.

Llandudno : very fast shortbreak spot, for west to south-west swells, powerful wave, I do not recommend for beginners. At 25 min by car also from Cape Town. A lot of locals, so you have to respect all the rules.

Glen Beach : closest spot to cape town 10-15 min by car (end of campsite Bay) medium spot, the waves don’t roll out much. Spot for the morning before going to work. Rarely good sessions, often overcrowded because very easy access for tourists.

Scarbourough : spot 50 min by car in a hippie village. White sandy beach with long rolling waves, less powerful spot than Llandudno for example, but few people in the water.

Kommetjie : 50 min drive, waves that roll out, hollow, a little bit of people in the water with a good level. Really beautiful spot! »

Which of these spots do you think are the best?

“Of course it depends on the conditions, but if I had to choose three, I would choose: Llandudno, Kommetjie and Scarbourough. »

Is surfing in Cape Town accessible to beginners?

“In Cape Town, from a financial point of view surfing is very accessible, boards are not expensive at all, 2 to 3 times cheaper than in France. However, the water is cold which can demotivate some people, so you have to invest in a wetsuit as well.

For the beginners it is difficult to find an easy spot to surf except Muizenberg or Milnerton, the waves are very hollow it is difficult to start. Surf shops don’t run the streets either to get supplies when we don’t have equipment.

So for beginners, I really advise to go to Muizenberg, where it’s possible to rent boards, as well as pay a lesson on a beach where the waves are relatively easy! »

In terms of conditions and opportunities, are South Africa and France comparable countries?

“South Africa and France are not at all comparable.

The conditions are often chopped by the wind in Cape Town however there is always a spot that works, you just have to know. Some of them even only work with the wind, which can make for some very nice sessions.

Contrary to France, where as soon as there is wind it is impossible to surf. France offers more possibilities for beginners because the water in high season is better, therefore more attractive. The spots are easy to access there is no need for a car in a seaside resort etc… unlike Cape Town where there is not a good spot less than 20 minutes by car.

The spots are often full in Africa as in France in the summer, while in winter the peaks are little frequented on the whole French coast.

However in Africa the spots are beautiful, surrounded by mountains of pebbles etc… we are not so lucky in France. »


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March 30, 2020