The Cederberg

The Cederberg Nature Reserve is located just north of the city of Cape Town, about two hours away by car. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, this area offers breathtaking mountain scenery. In addition to its beautiful scenery, the Cederberg is known for its diverse wildlife. The lucky ones will have the opportunity to meet leopards. Finally, the Cederberg is also a wine-growing region where you can taste the wines while you are there.

The Cederberg nature reserve offers a wide range of hikes for both amateurs and experienced hikers. Among these, there is the – rather accessible – Maltese Cross hike, which will allow you to discover a rock as singular as it is impressive. The more adventurous will discover Wolfberg Arch, during a long hike. Many guest houses are available not far from the starting points of the hikes, which it is advisable to undertake early in the morning, especially in the summer season.


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July 26, 2021