The evolution of Victoria’s internship against Covid-19

“I’m doing my internship in a start-up company that aims to improve mass distribution in disadvantaged areas. I’m a Business Developer, so my mission is to develop our network of wholesalers and FMCG companies, to improve the mobile application by developing new functionalities. I am also responsible for writing market reports based on the data we collect through the application. Finally, there’s a whole part of exploring new regions in order to develop the business.

Following the coronavirus and the announcement of a containment, I first started my teleworking in Cape Town, then in France.”

How did you react to that? What did you do to continue to perform well on your internship assignments?

“In the beginning it was difficult to find the motivation knowing that I had to reluctantly leave Cape Town where I spent 2 months just fantastic. But then I tried to get into a routine: breakfast, preparation before starting the working day in an environment that was most conducive to my concentration. This allowed me to have a sustained rhythm, not letting me distract myself and thus to remain efficient in the realization of my tasks.”

Do you think adapting to a situation like this can be a rewarding experience?

“Yes and no. Yes, because we necessarily do personal work to continue the missions despite everything, we try to find the motivation to stay focused on our responsibilities and therefore continue to help the company develop. Of course, the assignments adapt to the current situation. And no, because a large part of my work consisted of physical canvassing in Cape Town, the fact that I’m back puts my experience and the impact of my work on the company at a great disadvantage.”


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April 15, 2020