Wine & Mattis

“I did my internship in a company that organizes blind wine tastings in private and public, in order to create an objective general classification of world wines.”

Following your experience, what do you think of South African wines?

“Being French and chauvinistic, I was very surprised by the quality and richness of the South African terroir. I had the opportunity to taste some very good wines that made me forget about French wines. I also recommend the Meerlust Merlot 2016.

The majority of the vineyards offer tastings in their area and this is something that is easy to do. Just stop at the desired wineries along the Wine Route.”

Do you have a vineyard that really made an impression on you?

“There isn’t really one vineyard more than another, but the road to Stellenbosch as a whole has left its mark on me. It’s a magnificent wine route and it’s nice to see these vineyards in a landscape foreign to that of France.

I am very happy to have been able to develop my knowledge of wine while improving my English in South Africa, so I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to go to South Africa. It is a very enriching experience and it allows you to discover a culture different to that of France, including in the field of wine.”


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April 28, 2020